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from Robots & Electronic Brains

I like records that tell you right from the get-go that they're worth listening to. Do What You Do is one of those. And I like it. A couple of seconds of tinny, unamplified, riffing leads into a slash/chop moment before someone starts grouching through a distortion pedal and the rest of the band lurch around in a frequently unexplored musical space bounded by The Fall, C86 and Merseybeat. Instant attraction. Thread, they won't string you along

from Comes With A Smile

Do What You Do is a feverish spark of rock music, charged by singer/guitarist Dylan Kemlo's abrasive, muffled vocals and viciously catchy guitar. Mixing fast, punky '70s style rhythms with a low down and dirty blues chorus line, this London trio fuse a variety of sounds together to create multi-layered, corrosive blasts of power rock. Kelmo's vocals dart furiously through the music like a rash, this being most evident in the last song, Beartrap, a sparse, guitar only ballad that reveals he can sound simultaneously like a cross between Mark Eitzel, Frank Black, and the under-valued but utterly fantastic punk stalwart, Patrick Fitzgerald. Mia Clarke

from Losingtoday.com

Another blinding release from the ever erratic though thoroughly entertaining Victory Garden crew. Following on from the stunning Trencher debut of a few weeks back, a release that I hasten to add I've only just got over and am now able to sleep at nights with the lights off. So now the VG guys give us some no nonsense rattle, bang, twang pop. Not withstanding a press release declaring 'you will not hear a better debut in 2003', stands to reason it's gonna be rubbish, doesn't it? Well, no. Thread are a tri-nation three piece who have managed to serve three storming, up there and boxing with the best pop tunes around. 'Do what you do' is a real hot pot, you could mention the ad hoc time signatures that recall classic Fall / Nightingales; the accelerating strumming guitars possessing the same rush as pre 'George Best' Wedding Present; however what you couldn't fail to miss is it's finger on the trigger ability to rock out, absorbing part beat culture to it's ranks, post punk nostalgia and the essence of Beefheart and wrapping the whole thing in a 'groovy for today's kids' sheen. 'Breadcrumb trail' over the flip delights itself in awkward riffs and imagines Fred Schneider of the B-52's fronting Pavement, those who love the stuff currently being peddled by Garlic will no doubt swoon to this. 'Beartrap' completes the trio, and admittedly this did prick my ears especially as I have a soft spot for Hefner and Built to Spill and this nails the sound, mood and feeling perfectly. A creeping ballad-esque tracks that fences with clever word plays. As good a debut as anything put out by Fierce Panda and lert's face it that's saying something.

from The Fly

First things first post-rock smartarses, I know exactly what you're thinking and no, 'Breadcrumb Trail' isn't a cover of the incredible Slint track of the same name. It's actually a redeemable strutty pop song, while 'Do What You Do' mixes muted guitars with strum-heavy pickup abuse, via equal parts Hefner bedsit misery and alt. country balladeering. It might have 'Student Union circa1990' stamped all over it but Thread remain enjoyable all the same.

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