VG12    STEVEN ASTLEY "13.09.00"


from Record Collector
Sadly, very little can be said about this 7". We do know that it's a one-sided collection of horns - no we're not talking the Memphis sound here, but the British vehicular variety - presumambly recorded in sympathy with late 2000's fuel protesters. ..

from Losing Today
Steven Astley '13-09-00' from Victory Garden Records, you know those loveable rogues who brought us Southall Riot, and some of the most bizarrely packaged releases in recent memory like 8 track cartridges, individually numbered 7 inch slices from original master tapes etc.... This time it's a fairly normal run of the mill 1-sided clear vinyl seven inch, so much ado about nothing as one bearded feather clutching ex losing today scribe once commented when asked to review the Rick Wakeman-less masterpiece 'Greensleeves'. Steven has recorded the sounds of London traffic and presented them in a trance ambience form that richly fits the Eno notion. Despite on paper sounding a tad dull, '13-09-00' really works a treat so much so that I've recorded an album of kettle noises during one of my special ambient moments in the kitchen on Thursday. Surreal.

from Record Collector (again !)
Opening with what sounds like a chorus of juggernaut horns, this continues with a chorus of juggernaut horns. There is no music on this record, and I don't mean that in the Stereophonics sense. The B-side is completely smooth, so all you get is what has been described. It'd work well as the soundtrack to an installation of monochrome photos of Salford. Quite fascinating, in a stranded-on-the-motorway-in-a-blizzard-at-three-in-the-morning kind of way.

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