SOUL01   SOUTHALL RIOT "Bombus Hypnorum "


from Losingtoday.com

Not content with delving into various mediums with which to present their releases, which in the past have been anything from 8 track cartridges to spliced tape segments, SOUL or for those who hate acronyms, Sides of Unequal Length, is a spin off release project [of VG] and acts as a tape only splinter label. First up features some tasty rarities featuring those loveable hippies Southall Riot. I really am of the opinion that if this lot were from Tokyo, Osaka or maybe Adelaide, that the press would be wetting themselves in anticipation of every release and running to place the laurel reef at every conceivable opportunity. As it is, geography aside, the Riot boys do seem to come up with some of the most interesting releases around, alright, sounding in the main like there from another time, but all the same aural treats. 'Bombus Hypnorum' rounds up 16 various outtakes, alternative cuts, and ultra rare live sequences (from the most stage shy band in the U.K. after the Screen Prints that is) of the Riot repertoire. Something for all here, opening with the freakish feedback orientated beat pop blaze of 'In the valley of the down' before moving with aplomb to the four track version of 'Amplifier Morning', their classic single of yesteryear, here delivered with a raw lo-fi edginess that excels the final cut. If memory serves me right 'Falling Slowly' first appeared on their split longplayer for Earworms subscription series some years back, it's atmospheric ambience and use of 'shipping forecast' sequences predating Stylus' 'Skomogarph' period by a whisker. Elephant 6 stylist admirers should cock a favourable ear to 'Radio of the Oldest Kind' while 'Diamond to Plastic' is slick in thoughtfulness of the kind that should honoured by sitting crossed legged and staring in wonder. Mystical reverence comes in the shape of 'Encyclopedia Astronautica' before we all take a head trip into astral planes with the krautrock grooves of 'Sunhead'. Crucial. Further releases in the tape only series are set to feature Trencher and Thee Moths. [Mark Barton]

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